Our Team


Pervez Siddiqui

Peace Activist  Film Maker

Founding Chair, WITNESS Bangladesh

     Pervez  Siddiqui , a former Peace Research fellow of University of Oslo, Norway and studied in Film at University of Wales in United Kingdom.  Mr.  Siddiqui graduated from Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is working  on peace and human rights since 2000 and has already proved himself as an young specialist in this field.  As peace activist  film maker, he has already made  some praiseworthy films for Bangladesh Television and some leading organizations. Pervez’s key mission of film making is to use the power of the films to Promote Peace, Justice and Human Rights

      A dreamer for  a happy and peaceful world, Mr. Siddiqui is very enthusiastic, punctual and hard working.


Monis Rafiq


WITNESS Bangladesh

       Monis Rafiq is the Chief Executive Officer of WITNESS Last 07 years he had been working in the arenas of film, media and research. Obtaining  Honors and  Masters  in English Language and Literature, he also studied and researched  on film. A  committed documentary film maker, TV  programmer on film and a writer , Mr. Monis  is ceaselessly  working  for perfect creative production and  arranging  any event successfully.He himself is an example of determined, punctual and qualified media personality and human rights activist.


Sahidul Islum Rubel

Peace Activist  

Director of Finance &  Administration

Sahidul Islum,   post graduated from the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies,  University  of Dhaka. He is   working on peace for last 13 years and has already proved himself as an young specialist in the field. He also completed MBA and gained professional qualification from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB). Mr. Islum is the founding member of the WITNESS Bangladesh. He is working for Justice and Human Rights to promote peace.
Mr. Islum’s dream   is to invite young people  to   stand together    for peace.